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Promote a Sustainable, Homegrown Food Supply for Generations to Come.
Sustainable Farming

Everyone has to eat to survive. The production of almost all food can be traced back to farmland in some way and that is why AgriAmerica is committed to being a good steward of the land. Understanding our role in replenishing the earth with good nutrients to ensure the future productivity of the vineyards, utilizing every farmable acre and fostering the natural habitat for wild animals keeps the natural flow of the land secure and is a key piece to growing healthy food products for our clients and their customers.

We are committed to overseeing the development of existing farms through renovating vineyards, developing land and preserving habitat for animals. β€œIt all works together – if we re-build, maintain, and nurture the earth that our vineyards are on they will continue to provide healthy product for American processers for years to come.” ~Eric Huddy

By erecting the wind turbine on the property we all benefit from the natural wind that comes off of Lake Erie. The electricity generated is utilized within our facilities and additional energy is fed back into the grid for the local community to use. This is a clean energy source which saves our skies from pollutants and provides an ever going sustainable resource of electricity.

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