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AgriAmerica 100% Natural Whole Fruit Grape Pulp

AgriAmerica processes fresh Concord grapes into a value added fresh fruit product called Concord grape pulp. Concord grapes are mechanically deseeded in our processing facility, packaged, and quickly frozen to retain the natural sugar content and high nutrition quality.

This Concord grape pulp is used by manufactures of various sizes to create Concord grape preserves and Concord grape pies. Bakeries from large grocery store chains to independently owned storefronts use Concord grape pulp for cake and pastry fillings, pies, coffee cakes, scones, tarts, and so many more tasty delights. Home artisans have found that one 30 pound bucket of AgriAmerica Concord grape pulp enables them to make approximately 65–16 oz jars jam/jelly. Chefs have utilized Concord grape pulp in vinaigrettes, meat marinades, and syrups. The 5 gallon FDA certified bucket AgriAmerica’s pulp is packaged in makes it easy forhome wine brewers to brew their own wine right in it!

Our newest product, a pasteurized and bottled Concord grape pulp can be used in fruit smoothies or consumed directly. Even after pasteurization the high antioxidants, resveratrol, polyphenols, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, vitamins A, C, B6 and folate all contribute to this product being a primary choice for health conscious people.

If you haven’t tried making a Concord grape pie because of all the work that goes into deseeding the grapes – this product is the answer! AgriAmerica’s Concord grape pies are prepared and baked at a professional bakery in Buffalo NY. They are available wholesale to fresh market vendors, grocery stores, and for fund raisers.

Frozen product is available in 400 pound, 30 pound, Six cup, and Three cup (must purchase a case) sizes.

Please contact us for a quote on price and shipping/delivery.